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Galina Ivanovna came to Sakhalin in far 1964, following her husband. She started to work in the State Historical Achieve of the Sakhalin Region. Soon Galina Ivanovna began to fulfill the duties of the Director, and later she was appointed Director of this institution. So 29 years passed, during which the optimal conditions for storage of materials were provided (the Archive moved into a new building specially designed and built for its activities), the volume of documents accepted for storage was increased, the experience was shared with the archive staff.
Due to hard work, dedication and professional skills of Galina Ivanovna, collections of documents, catalogues, guides to collections, scientific and historical articles and books have been published.
Galina Ivanovna was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR and a second-class medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland, the medal of Veteran of Labor and received a lot of Certificates of Honour from various Departments.
We are sincerely glad that Galina Ivanovna is now working in our friendly team. We wish her health, long and happy life!

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Portrait of the Boatswain of the Cruiser Novik

Exhibition: «Revolutionary 1917. Documents Testify»

I Can See You

Prize — Winners of the Contest

Through the Pages of Family Photo Album. Meeting with Lyubov Ivanovna Chernova.

Exhibition: «Revolutionary 1917. The Documents Testify»

Museum Staff Members Conducted Classes for Participants and Organizers of The Heirs to Victory Search Groups Meeting

International Internship of Museum Employee

Lecture about Life Strategy Crabs was conducted in the Sakhalin Regional Museum.

Meeting between Japanese scientists and the Sakhalin Regional Museum specialists

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