Russia Is My Homeland!


June 12, 2017 the event «Russia Is My Homeland» has been traditionally held at the Sakhalin Regional Museum.
On the holiday the Museum opened its doors to the public, free of charge and prepared a festive program in partnership with the public organization Association of Sakhalin Peoples «House of Friendship».
About 40 children took part in the festive concert program «Our Home Is Russia!». There were songs of different nations, and not only national songs. They sang about Russia, about peace, about friendship. The most exciting moments of the program were the performance of the folklore ensemble «Araks», the pop ensemble «Luchiki» (headed by Narine Pogosyan), and the children’s folklore ensemble «Tatarstan» (headed by Zakiya Valitova).

Young visitors participated in the asphalt drawing competition «Sakhalin Is My House!». The three best participants were awarded with prizes from the Museum — creativity art sets.

In the MuseumТs lecture room visitors learned about the peculiarities of the Russian costume and made the Russian kokoshnik and the Russian straw doll «Sunny Horse» by their own hands. These handmade items will remind them of the Museum holiday.

Everyone who attended the lecture on the state symbols of the Russian Federation and the coats of arms of Russian cities unanimously agreed that it was a very informative lecture where one could learn a lot of interesting facts.
The first hundred visitors received leaflets with the text of the anthem of the Russian Federation.
816 people came to the Museum on a festive day.

Congratulations on the Russia Day!

Prepared by: T. P. Chaychenko, Head of the Scientific and Educational Department.
Photos: E. V. Panchishena.



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