Family Activities at the Museum


Sakhalin Regional Museum invites children and their parents to take part in Family Activities program at the weekend.

June 24
12:00 (noon), 2:00 pm
Class on Poisonous Plants of Sakhalin

The Sakhalin region has rich flora! Among wild plants there are some species of plants that could be poisonous to humans. They are very dangerous. Every year a number of adults and children with burns and poisonings caused by poisoning plants growing in the most familiar surroundings and places in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, visit doctors. Can you say something positive about poisonous plants? Of course, you can. Biologically active substances of many poisonous plants are successfully used in medicine.
Join our class and you will learn which plants of the Sakhalin region can affect your health. At the end of the class, the children will colour drawings of poisonous plants in a booklet.

Prices per ticket including class: 100 roubles (children); 200 roubles (adults).

For information and pre-booking, call: 72Ц75Ц55.

Prepared by: T. P. Chaychenko.
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