The Family Day Was Celebrated at the Museum on Peter and Fevronia Day


On July 8, the Sakhalin Regional Museum of Local History celebrated the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity — all comers had fun with competitions, running, jumping, displaying their erudition, getting acquainted with the national holiday — Peter and Fevronia Day — and signs associated with it. Everyone was particularly pleased to see the sign promising good weather in the coming weeks. Since ancient times it was believed that whatever the weather is like on that day, it will continue for the next 40 days. Let’s see and check! It was warm and sunny on July 8 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The main events of the Museum were held under the open sky — at the main entrance to the Museum, near the fountain.

The central event was the family relay «We are the FAMILY!» in which children, mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, as well as numerous cousins and second cousins took part. Even the newlyweds couples, who had registered their marriage on that day, participated in the competition. Teams competed not only in sports games, but also in games involving dexterity and intelligence. All participants received coupons for free pizza in Arlekin Pizzeria and Family Tickets allowing entry to all Museums exhibitions for a whole year.

The symbol and amulet of a strong family union in Russia was the traditional folk doll «Nerazluchniki» (Inseparable Couple). At the master class, the museum staff taught how to make this doll, protecting the family.

At the second master class «Camomile for My Family» all comers made a holiday card with chamomiles, as the chamomile is a symbol of the Family Day holiday, love and fidelity. Lively chamomiles appeared on children’s faces on the «Kids Face Paints» play ground.

We could have a cup of tea together at the lecture «And I Drank Tea!» which introduced the peculiarities of receiving guests in Russia and traditions of tea drinking ceremony.

Guided tours were conducted through the Museum and outside territory.

The charity concert «With Love to Everyone» of the «Free Musicians» movement made a festive day wonderful and bright.

Prepared by: T. P. Chaychenko.
Photos: E. V. Panchishena.



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