Project of Enthusiasts of the All-Russian Society for the Deaf


We are very pleased that creatively gifted and purposeful people visited the Sakhalin Regional Museum of Local History.
Alexey Znamensky and Vasily Ivanov are enthusiasts of the All-Russian Society for the Deaf (VOG) and initiators of the Accessible Environment and Russian Domestic Tourism for Persons with Disabilities project. Young people came to Sakhalin to see places which Anton Pavlovich Chekhov visited 127 years ago.

Alexey is an actor and director of the Nedoslov Theater (Moscow), a film actor. Vasily teaches computer science and physical education classes in the correctional school.
They have been working together on this project for more than three years: collect materials, study the acquired information. Alexei and Vasily decided to see with their own eyes places about which they read in Anton ChekhovТs book Sakhalin Island, shoot video, make their travel notes intended for a wide audience, which will combine sound track, subtitles and sign language. Perhaps in the future, «travel notes» will develop into a full-fledged documentary film.

The guests shot part of the video material in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Korsakov, Poronaisk. Sakhalin Regional Museum specialists have created optimal conditions for filming, gave consultations on discovery of Sakhalin Island, penal servitude period, the culture and way of life of the small indigenous peoples of the Island.
In a day or two the project initiators will go further, making stops in the key «Chekhov» places — Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalin, Due. In addition, travelers plan to reach the village of Nekrasovka.

Have a good trip!

Prepared by E. V. Panchishena.
Photos: E. V. Panchishena.



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