Meeting between Japanese scientists and the Sakhalin Regional Museum specialists


The meeting was devoted to the results of the Japanese research of lacquer ware, used in everyday life by Sakhalin Ainu.
The purpose of the research study, which began in 2016 and was scheduled for a three-year period, is to find out when and where Ainu lacquer ware was produced. Last year, the research project touched on the anthropological aspects of Ainu culture. Currently, scientists have focused on a detailed historical analysis of the production and distribution of Ainu lacquer ware, as well as on the study of chemical composition of lacquerware objects provided by the Sakhalin Regional Museum. The research is interesting due to the fact that such lacquered dishes are stored in the collections of the Sakhalin Regional Museum and in the Hokkaido Museum as well.
Lacquered objects available in the Sakhalin Regional Museum were brought to the island in the early 19th century from the island of Honshu through trade and exchanges that took place between the Japanese and Sakhalin residents.
Issues discussed at the meeting between Sakhalin specialists and Japanese scientist included the technology of manufacturing and extraction of lacquer (urushi) from lacquer (Urushi) tree, methods of filtration, purification and processing of the lacquer obtained from sap.
It is planned to continue cooperation on this issue.

Prepared by: E. N. Nikolaeva
Photos: D. A. Dyomkin



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