International Internship of Museum Employee


September 3–12, 2017, Evgeniya Aleksandrovna Pashentseva, specialist of the Sakhalin Regional Museum, completed an internship in Tokyo (Japan) in the Tourism Business in the framework of the program on cooperation between the Government of Japan and Russia supporting the implementation of the Russian Presidential Management Training Program.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan acted as the organizer of training programs; sessions, meetings and business discussions were held at JTB Corporate Sales Inc locations.
During the internship, lectures were given on the state policy of Japan regarding domestic and foreign tourism, new trends, management of tourism attractions and brand strategy, as well as lectures on the traditions of hospitality and quality management. In addition, the program included visits to tourist information centers, JTB’s thematic sales offices, business and shopping districts of the capital, as well as the largest Shinto shrine in Tokyo, the Meiji Temple, the Yokohama Naval Port (Tokyo Bay, Kanagawa Prefecture) and the ski resort in Yuzawa — «Snow Country» (Niigata Prefecture).
The Tokyo National Museum, the Tokyo Parliament Museum, the Yuzawa Town Historical Museum, the Oota Memorial Art Museum, the Tokyo Science and Technology Museum were also visited though they were among attractions not included in the program. The internship gave the opportunity to get acquainted with traditional and interactive expositions, showing the culture and history of Japan, as well as with modern technologies used in the museumТs space.
The Sakhalin Region has significant tourist resources and the Sakhalin Regional Museum is one of the architectural landmarks of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and the Sakhalin Region. Every year, 90 000 people including 10 000 foreign tourists visit the local history museum. The main direction of this internship was the study of the successful use and promotion of the tourist product both among foreign tourists and Russian citizens.
The result of successful internship was the study of management of tourist attractions (branding, promotion of tourism resources, advertising); business strategies of tourist associations, as well as acquaintance with the mechanisms of promotion of tourist products and the creation of an attractive image of the Sakhalin Region at the tourism market.

Prepared by: E. A. Pashentseva, Head of History Department
Photo: E. A. Pashentseva



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