Through the Pages of Family Photo Album. Meeting with Lyubov Ivanovna Chernova.


To preserve the history is an important task of any museum specialist. Anyone can trace the history of the country through his / her family history, since the memory of each ancestor is preserved in the family.
Lyubov Chernova approached the Sakhalin Regional Museum with the desire to hand over the suitcase that belonged to her parents. On October 3, 2017 Alyona Igorevna Poznyova and Igor Gennadyevich Markov, researchers from the Departments of History and Archeology, visited the native Sakhaliner at home.

Lyubov Ivanovna invited the guests into the dining room, showed her suitcase, lamenting that maybe we were wasting time as there was nothing interesting in the suitcase. During the friendly chat we learned that the suitcase belonged to her grandmother. She arrived on the Island with it. Lyubov Ivanovna is a pleasant woman who pays no attention to her age and tells about herself and her family with relatively ease. Sometimes she regretted: «Father told us, but at that time it was not interesting … but now it’s interesting, but I cant remember.»
Mother — Anisia Ivanovna Kozlova, was born in 1902 in Penza region. Relatives on her mothers side were relocated to the northern part of Sakhalin in 1914. Father — Ivan Prokofievich Kushnaryov was born in 1890 and when he was two years old he was brought to Sakhalin by his parents at the end of the XIX century. Lyubov Ivanovna said that one of the relatives had killed the gendarme (reasons are not known), so the whole family was deported to the Island. .
L. I. Chernova parents met each other in the village of Voskresenovka and got married in a year. In 1936 they moved to the town of Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsk. The Kushnaryovs had six children. In 1952 Lyubov Ivanovna Chernova and her husband moved to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for permanent residence.

In addition, Lyubov Ivanovna presented a large collection of gramophone records from 1950s-1980s to the museum. When she remembered about the old gramophone record player, she took it from the top shelf. Inside was her brother’s favorite record with the song «The Three Tankers, Three Merry Friends.» «Maybe it works,» Lyubov Ivanovna said, and played the record. The music from the old gramophone filled the apartment, the furniture in the room that was of the Soviet period helped us for a while travel back to the past. Lyubov Ivanovna was moved to tears. She said: «When I feel bad, I play this record, and it warms my heart. These things keep the memory of my brother and son.»
Lyubov Ivanovna decided to donate wall clocks to the museum. They were made in Japan and kept in the family since 1940s. «Today I am alive, and tomorrow I will not. Then the wall clock will be thrown away in the trash…» — said L. I. Chernov, taking off the wall clocks.
Also a number of documents were donated to the museum (an employment record book, her father’s employment contract and a Soviet calendar), a small collection of photographs, an iron, a cigarette case, a set of gramophone player needles and a stereo system of the 1970s.

We thank you, Lyubov Ivanovna, for your cooperation. We wish you health and long life. See you next time!

Prepared by A.I. Posnyhova, Junior Research Scientist.
Photos: I. G. Markov, A.I. Posnyhova



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