Prize — Winners of the Contest


Publications issued by the Sakhalin Regional Museum won diplomas of the The Best Publication on Local History contest which was held at the Sakhalin Regional Universal Scientific Library in October 6 — 9 in the framework of the «Book Necklace of the Pacific Ocean» exhibition.
Educational, scientific, publishing and printing organizations as well as archives, libraries, museums, public organizations including individual authors and compilers took part in the competition. 81 printed and electronic editions contested for the diplomas.
Three editions of the museum are awarded with diplomas in the nomination «History is a Science for the Future».
The diploma of the third degree was awarded to the book «Aborigines of Sakhalin According to Russian Officers (1860–1870.)». Authors-compilers: V.M. Latyshev, G.I. Dudarets. This edition contains the works of F. M. Depreradovich, M. M. Dobrotvorsky and A. V. Vasiliev devoted to the Sakhalin aborigines of the second half of the 19th century, which have long since become bibliographic rarity.

The diploma of the second degree was awarded to the book of V.V. Scheglov «… named in hounour of the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution. The history of the Oktyabrskaya Mine. 1913–1963.» The reader will learn the history of the once widely known, and now forgotten enterprise a «firstborn» of the Soviet state coal industry on Sakhalin — the Oktyabrskaya Mine. This book includes articles and archival documents, most of which were not previously published, periodical press materials, as well as memories of former residents of the mine village.
The diploma of the first degree and a memorandum badge were awarded to the periodical «Ethnographic Notes of the Sakhalin Regional Museum» (No. 1). This publication is the successor of the «Bulletin of the Bronislaw Pilsudski Heritage Institute.» New and previously unknown materials will be published in the pages of Ethnographic Notes related to the biographical, scientific, manuscript heritage of B. O. Pilsudski — one of the researchers of the indigenous peoples of Sakhalin in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Sakhalin Regional Museum congratulates the authors of the books and expresses its appreciation to the organizers of the contest and the jury members.

Prepared by N.Yu. Ilyina, Academic Secretary



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