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The Sakhalin Regional Museum has published a new scientific volume «Sakhalin Aborigines through the Eyes of Russian Officers (1860–1870)». Vladislav Mikhailovich Latyshev and Galina Ivanovna Dudarets, senior researchers of the museum and Honored Cultural Workers of the Russian Federation are the compilers of this volume.
This publication includes works which have long ago become bibliographic rarities devoted to the aborigines of Sakhalin:
- «Ethnographic Sketch about Southern Sakhalin» (1875) by F. M. Depreradovich;
- «The Southern Part of the Island of Sakhalin» (extracted from the Military Medical Report 1868 of Dr. Dobrotvorskiy), «Russian Folk Medicine in Comparison with the Traditional Medicine of the Sakhalin Ainu» (1874), «Bothriocephalus Latus and some other Intestinal Parasites on the Island of Sakhalin» (1872) by M. M. Dobrotvorsky;
- «A Journey to the Island of Sakhalin» (1870) by A. V. А. Vasiliev.
F. M. Depreradovich, M. M. Dobrotvorsky and A. V. Vasiliev are Russian officers who quite by chance performed military service on Sakhalin in the second half of the XIX century. Their scientific and research activities occupy a worthy place in the history of ethnographic research.
The works of these outstanding pioneers and researchers return to the reader in a century and a half to become a reliable source of knowledge for new works on the history of the Island.
The volume has been published in the Sakhalin and Kurile Historical Library series according to the decision of the commission for the publication of socially significant literature on local history in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Culture and Archives of the Sakhalin Region dated 27.04.2016 No. 175-r within the framework of the state program «Development of the Sphere of Culture in the Sakhalin Region for 2014–2020.»
The publication is addressed to historians, ethnographers, local historians and everyone interested in the history of Sakhalin.

Prepared by: N. Yu. Ilyina, Academic Secretary



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