Night of the Arts — 2017


On November 3, the fifth annual All-Russian cultural and educational event «Night of the Arts» was held in the Sakhalin Regional Museum under the motto «Art unites».
More than a thousand people took part in the event.
In the hall of the museum, visitors could hear songs about Sakhalin, nature, life and love all night long. The guests were greeted by the winners of the author’s song festivals: Pavel Gavrikov, Dmitry Chernov and Sergey Tsapin.
In a cozy atmosphere, numerous guests chose what they would like to see, took part in the museum quest and excursions, and participated actively in master classes to learn how to make ammonite shells, handmade bijouterie, ornamentals, rag dolls and an unfamiliar embroidery technique.
Parents were pleased to see their children having great fun by making wonderful pictures with coloured sand.
Natalia Byankina, a professional painter, reflected the most vivid, kind and sincere emotions of people on the paper — the caricatures left no one indifferent.
Sergey Udovenko and Timofey Volkov sang warm-hearted Russian folk songs. And the participants of the national folk ensemble from Azerbaijan, the Dance Club «Serok» and the Oriental Dance School-Studio «Bagira» immersed the guests of the museum in a sea of enchanting and fiery rhythms of tango, salsa, ballroom and Oriental dances.
Sakhalin Regional Museum expresses thanks to all visitors for their activity and good mood.
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