Exhibition of Wildlife Photographer Daniel Dyomkin Opens at the Sakhalin Regionalal Museum


November 17, 4:00 p.m., the Sakhalin Regional Museum will open the On the Very Edge of the Earth exhibition of Daniel Dyomkin, timed to the Year of Ecology in Russia and the 70th anniversary of the Sakhalin region.
The exhibition will include photos taken in landscape and animalistic genres. In the photos, visitors will see images of wildlife including flora and fauna of the north of Sakhalin and Iturup Island. Daniel Dyomkin took up wildlife photography a few years ago.
His works were among the 100 best photos of TASS news photographers from «2015 in the TASS Focus» and the 100 best works of the «Chernorechje-2016 Festival» in the city of Dzerzhinsk. Also, the photographer is a laureate and participant of a number of international and all-Russian photo contests: «Golden Lynx» (Vitebsk, 2016), XV competition of reportage photography «2016 — In Memory of Alexander Efremov» (Tobolsk, 2016), «Northern Beauty» (National Geographic, 2016), the VII contest of the Khabarovsk Photographic Society «Black and White Portrait» (Khabarovsk, 2017), the festival of tourist films and photographs «The Fringe: Travel, Adventure, Extreme» (Khabarovsk, 2016), the international photo festival «Photocrock» (Vitebsk, 2017).
«Wildlife photography is my hobby. I like to take pictures of the wild nature in the most remote places of the Sakhalin region. There you can feel yourself as part of the vast world, enjoy the unity with nature, the sense of freedom and your work,» says Daniel Dyomkin. «Watching the animals for a long time in their natural habitat, you can capture a moment with the camera, which will never happen again. You can learn a lot from nature, it is an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration.»
We will be happy to see you at the Exhibition in the Museum located at the address 29, Kommunistichesky Avenue.



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Exhibition of Wildlife Photographer Daniel Dyomkin Opens at the Sakhalin Regionalal Museum

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