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On November 14, the Sakhalin Regional Museum marked World Diabetes Day.

The first World Diabetes Day was celebrated in 1991 to inform all segments of the population about this disease and its risks, about possible complications and the need to undergo medical examination.
Elena Vladimirovna Morzhova, a doctor of the Sakhalin Regional Center for Medical Prevention, delivered a lecture for a day-care group from the Sakhalin Regional Center for Social Protection.
The detailed information about the disease and possible risks of complications was provided to attendees, as well as methods of prevention, in order to avoid and / or reduce these risks, to learn to live fully after diagnosis. «Complications of diabetes mellitus have a negative impact on all organs and systems of the human body,» the lecturer commented.
Elena Vladimirovna also acquainted attendees with principles of good nutrition and lifestyle, because the treatment of diabetes includes not only the regular intake of drugs to decrease the amount of sugar or the introduction of insulin, but also the correction of lifestyle: nutrition, exercise, mode of work and rest.

The lecture ended with a conversation, during which people asked questions and registered for health assessment appointment at the Center for Medical Prevention.



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Be Healthy!

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