Friendly Sakhalin


On November 24, the lecture «Friendly Sakhalin» dedicated to the World Hello Day was delivered at the Sakhalin Regional Museum.
This holiday was founded by Michael and Brian McComack at the height of the Cold War in 1973, in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel. The brothers decided to take a simple but effective action to oppose the dramatic increase of international tension, so they mailed greeting letter bundles around the world. In the letter they asked the addressee to greet someone else. People responded! The idea was supported by more than 180 countries.
The children learned from the lecture that every nation has its own greeting customs, which have been formed historically, and the meaning of the greeting is the same: to convey the best wishes for good health, prosperity and success in business, to demonstrate friendliness and goodwill.
At the end of the lecture, the children answered the questions of the «Greeting Etiquette» quiz.
We wish you, dear friends, warm greetings, joyful feelings and positive emotions!



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