Lecture Series on Natural History of Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands


On February 6, 2018, a lecture Ecological and Biological Researches Conducted by the IMGG FEB RAS: Achievements, Main Scientific Results and Perspectives for Development was held in the Lecture Room of the Sakhalin Regional Museum. The lecture was given within the framework of the Museum’s lecture series on Natural History of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, where during 15 years, the Museum visitors learn interesting facts about the amazing flora and fauna of our Sakhalin region.
The lecture was delivered by Anna Vladimirovna Kopanina, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Deputy Director for Research, IMGG, FEB RAS.
During the lecture, the students heard about the history of the building of the Research Institute. They also became aware of a wide range of projects conducted by IMGG FEB RAS as well as its researchers and scientists.
Anna Vladimirovna informed the audience about the ecological and biological researches and the directions that the Institute is currently working on. It was also interesting to learn about the results of the study of the plant resources of the Sakhalin region including the practical and economic significance of the Institute’s work. A further issue touched upon was that of the establishment of an academic base and its research tasks focused mainly on the economic development of the Sakhalin region. The initial task of the Institute was to study the geological structure of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. A preliminary estimation of the prospective mineral, ore and energy resources was made as well as of the conditions for the formation of oil and coal, their chemistry and chemical technology. It was also interesting to learn about the creation of scientific fundamentals for agriculture, livestock farming and forestry, as well as history, archeology and ethnography in the Sakhalin region.
In order to excite the attendees’ interest, the lecturer asked interesting questions what wild plants of the Sakhalin region they know and what they think about the importance of science in people’s lives. Most participants were able to share their opinions.
At the end of the lecture Anna Vladimirovna answered the questions and asked the people attended the lecture to preserve the unique ecosystem of Sakhalin.




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