Participation in the Mentor All-Russia Forum


From 13 to 15 February 2018, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives held the first Mentor All-Russia Forum in Moscow. The forum aimed at developing a professional mentoring environment was held at Pavilion No 75 at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (VDNKh). It was attended by representatives of the largest government corporations, bodies of federal and regional authorities and businesses, acting mentors in the enterprises, education, business, social sphere, members of professional associations related to mentoring practices, project leaders and students of relevant training institutions of all constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
The delegation from the Sakhalin Oblast included 25 representatives of various fields of activity. The Sakhalin Regional Museum was represented by Tatiana Pavlenko Chaychenko, Head of the Scientific and Educational Department.
12 thousand people took part in the grand opening ceremony of the forum. The plenary session of the forum was attended by Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kirienko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chelyabinsk Tube-Rolling Plant Andrey Komarov, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR and Russia, Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Pugachev, CEO of the ESforce Holding Anton Cherepennikov, two-time Olympic champion in Artistic Gymnastics, first deputy head of CSKA Svetlana Khorkina, General Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (ASI) Svetlana Chupsheva, the head of the «Talent and Success» Foundation Elena Shmeleva.
Mikhail Shvydkoy, Special Envoy for International Cultural Cooperation of the President of the Russian Federation, noted at the opening of the plenary session that the Forum can serve the revival of a very important, deep tradition that helps to create truly great achievements in all spheres of human activity : «Е today we often talk about online education, but nothing can replace a live human communication — the highest luxury in education and professional development, that have been lacking today».
The main goal of the forum was voiced by Sergey Kiriyenko: « Each person is talented, and the task of the state, society is to help each person to understand what this talent, and to create all necessary conditions to ensure that this talent was realized.»
Cosmonauts, Heroes of Russia, Alexander Misurkin and Anton Shkaplerov of the space agency Roscosmos greeted the participants of the Mentor All-Russia Forum during the online broadcast from the space station. A few days before that, they made the first spacewalk in 2018 and installed a new a high-gain antenna electronics box on the Zvezda service module to provide the Russian segment of the International Space Station with an Internet connection. Prior to this, the communication was provided by the American segment. The cosmonauts set a new Russian record of staying in open space — 8 hours and 13 minutes.
Exhibitions, being part of the Forum, showed Mentoring Best Practices applied in such enterprises as JSC Russian Railways, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Rosatom State Atomic Corporation, Skolkovo Innovation Center and others.
Plenary sessions of Forum thematic streams were held, where the following issues were discussed such as the creation of the environment for the development of the mentorsТ movement, forms of social and pedagogical support of mentors, legislative regulation of mentors’ activities, continuous educational mentoring trajectories and others.
In February — March 2018, the district Mentor forums will be held in seven federal districts, including the Far Eastern region where the form will be conducted on March 6 in the city of Vladivostok.



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