Regional Seminar


On February 27, the regional seminar on «Information and Methodological Support of Civil and Patriotic Activities to Students of the Educational Organization» was conducted by the Sakhalin Regional Museum. Lectures were delivered to teachers, school methodologists and school museum leaders.
The Sakhalin Regional Museum is a regular partner of the Regional Center of Extracurricular Educational Work in organizing and conducting seminars for over 10 years. This year, in addition to the Sakhalin Regional Museum, the seminar was attended by participants representing Victory Museum — Memorial Complex, historical park «Russia is My History» and the Literary and Art Museum in honour of A.P. Chekhovs book «The Island of Sakhalin».
Director of the Sakhalin Regional Museum, Yuri Yurieveich Alin welcomed the participants to the Seminar. Deputy Director for Research and Development, Viktor Vladislavovich Shcheglov spoke about publishing activity as a branding resource of the Museum. The Head of the Scientific and Educational Department, Tatyana Pavlavna Chaychenko made presentations on «Civil and Patriotic Education Through the Museum» and «History of the Establishment of the Russian-Japanese Border in the second half of the XIX — first half of the XX century.» Research Scientist of the Natural Science Department, Alexander Victorovich Soloviev acquainted participants with the museum’s exposition «Geological History of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands», which tells about the history of the Earth, the natural history of Sakhalin over the last 100 million years and modern geological processes that are occurring on the islands.

We thank all participants of the Seminar. See you next year!



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