Sakhalin Regional Museum announces a new contest in the social network «Instagram» in support of Russian traditions and encourage everyone to take another chance to visit the roof of the Museum to take original photos.

In 2018, the vernal equinox will occur on March 20 at 4:15 p.m. Moscow time (March 21 at 00:15 a.m. Sakhalin time).
In the folk calendar on the day of the spring equinox, there was a custom to bake «larks» of dough.
We encourage you to support the Russian tradition by taking part in a new contest of the Sakhalin Regional Museum.

To become a participant of the contest you need:
1. to follow the he official page of the museum in the social network «Instagram» @sakhalinmuseum;
2. bake «lark-shaped» buns of dough;
3. take a picture of yourself with ready made pastry;
4. post a photo in Instagram from 20 to 22 March 2018 and use a hashtag «#музей_за_традиции».

Each participant can submit only one photo.
Each participant will be assigned a participant number during the contest.
The first 20 participants will receive a memorable souvenir — a pen with the logo of the museum.
March 23, 5 winners will be chosen with the help of the random number generator on the official page of the museum in the social network «Instagram» @sakhalinmuseum.
Winners will have a unique opportunity to visit the museum roof on May 18 during the «Night at the Museum» event from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and make original photos. On the same day, participants will receive souvenirs.

Why and how the lark-shaped buns were baked in old Russia ?
According to popular beliefs spring is brought on wings of the birds that arrived on this day from the south, the first of which was a lark or sandpiper. And it’s a wagtail on Sakhalin.
Therefore, starting from March 20, all the housewives baked birds of dough. They were called «larks», «jerfs», «zhavyvatochki», somewhere «ptyushki», «chuvilki», «chibriki», «magpies».
For the simplest «lark», the piece of dough was tied with a knot, the lower tip was flattened and incised, resulting in a tail. The upper end was shaped like a bird’s head with a beak, as the eyes were inserted raisins, juniper berries, peas, buckwheat grains, etc. There are also more complex forms of «larks» — with wings and tufts.
Dough for «larks» can be very different. Since the national holiday was at the height of Lent, the dough was made lean, that is, without milk and eggs. But it was allowed to use vegetable oil and sugared water — for rouge.
The Nizhny Novgorod grandmother of the museum employee baked them in a Russian oven, his mother baked them in the oven of a wood burning stove — it was very tasty, especially with fresh milk. Well, we are now preparing «larks» in an electric oven.

For dough:
400 grams of wheat flour,
half a cup of sugar,
a spoonful of vegetable oil,
half a teaspoon of salt,
250 ml of whey or kefir,
half a teaspoon of soda..
And we need a few little raisins for the eyes of the larks. You can also use cranberries or blueberries.
Divide the dough into pieces and make balls, then roll the ball into a long sausage,

tie it in a knot

and form the head and tail. Eyes — cranberries, bilberries or pieces of raisins.

Spread strong sweet tea and bake for about half an hour in the oven at a temperature of about 200 degrees.

And call the larks March 22:

Larks, larks!
Come to us,
Bring us warm summer,
And good bread!
Take the cold winter away from us.
We are tired of a cold winter,
Hands, legs are frostbitten!

Rituals of divination were widespread everywhere when a symbolic object was baked in a «lark»: a ring (for matchmaking), a money (for wealth), a coal (to the collapse of all hopes) or just a good handful of salt. Such a salted heavily bird promised a whole year of luck, wealth and health, but only it was necessary to eat it to the last crums.

Prepared by: T.P. Chaychenko, Head of the Scientific and Educational Department and A.V. Solovyov, Research Scientist of the Natural Science Department




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