Salvation of a Wild Animal


One weekend, the guide of the Sakhalin Regional Museum, Anastasia Pavlovna Shevrina with the members of her family saved the life of a wild animal! Thats how it was.
On March 10, while walking along the sea coast near the village of Ozersky, they noticed a lame animal and followed him. The wild animal began to run away, dragging its back legs behind it. But he couldnt have gone very far because it was very exhausted. The animal hid its head in the nearest snowdrift. The young people came closer, stopped, stood quietly waiting for him to pop out the head to understand what kind of animal it was. But the animal did not poke his head out of snow, playing dead. Then we began to think about what to do and how to help the poor wild animal. The decision was made to carefully pull the animal out of the snowdrift and take it to a veterinary clinic, because it was simply impossible to leave it. Having put on gloves, the young people went to the snowdrift … it turned out that this was a raccoon dog.
A. Shevrina:
"When conducting excursions in the Flora and Fauna of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands Exhibit Hall I often tell museum visitors about raccoon dogs, but I have never seen the live raccoon dog before. I knew that, sensing the danger, they pretend to be dead, and that they are the only canids known to hibernate. Apparently, this animal woke up from hibernation earlier or someone has woken her, since there is still a lot of snow.
Same day we brought a raccoon dog to «SahVet» veterinary clinic. We liked the professional approach and the warm welcome of specialists. The animal’s condition was assessed as unsatisfactory: a low temperature of 35 oC (normal is to be 38 oC), an oblique open fracture of the hind paw. Veterinarians told us that it was a female raccoon dog, about one year old.
The raccoon dog was provided with the necessary assistance including many different procedures. According to the veterinarian when the dog felt better, she could be operated on.
When it became clear that further treatment and operation would be too costly, we decided to tell this story in the social network «Instagram, in order to raise some funds. We did not think that so many people would respond!
Within a day, the necessary amount was collected for the planned treatment. In addition, we were given a temporary carrying cage, in which Martha (our raccoon dog) lived. During the day she usually lay quietly, and at night she was active, tried to get out, because raccoon dogs are night animals.
On March 16, she underwent surgery on her back paw. The operation was successful, but Marta cannot walk yet, since a fixation device was placed on the paw, which can be removed after some time. After the operation, Marta came back to our home to saty in her cage for a few more days. I am really fond of her and used to look after it, although I have never stroked her.»
On Monday, March 19, by prior arrangement, the raccoon dog Martha was transferred to the Sakhalin Zoo park for further rehabilitation. She was placed in a warm aviary, the treatment will be continued by experienced specialists. In the future, if Marta can walk alone, it is planned to let her go to the area where she was found.

Anastasia Pavlovna Shevrina expresses sincere gratitude to all people who helped to save a raccoon dog!
We wish you speedy recovery, Martha!




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