Participation in the Scientific Conference


The Sakhalin Regional Museum took part in the scientific entomological conference of the XXIX Readings in Memory of Aleksey Ivanovich Kurentsov, which was held March 5–6, 2018 at the Federal Biodiversity Research Center of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Vladivostok). Research institutions of Siberia and Far East participated in the conference.
The name of A.I. Kurentsov — a famous scientist, Laureate of the USSR State Prize, Honored Science Worker of the RSFSR, Honorary Member of the All-Union Entomological Society, All-Union Geographic Society, All-Russian Society for the Protection of Nature and the French Biogeographic Society, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Ц is closely linked with entomological and biogeographical studies in the Far East of the USSR. A.I. Kurentsov began studying the entomofauna of the Ussuri krai in the 1920s from field expeditions, and from 1932 forever linked his life with the Russian Far East.
In recognition of outstanding merits, in order to perpetuate the name of the remarkable entomologist and biogeographer and to establish continuity in the development of various areas of regional entomology and biogeography, the Presidium of the Far Eastern Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, by order No. 128 of October 25, 1989, established annual readings in memory of A.I. Kurentsov, to be held in early March. Currently, the organizers of the Readings are the Federal Scientific Center for Biodiversity of the Earth’s Biota of East Asia, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (until December 31, 2016 — the Biological and Soil Institute FEB RAS) (Figure 1) and the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Entomological Society. The date of the Readings is tied to Alexey Ivanovich’s birthday — March 3, 1896.
Viktoria Dubinina, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Chief Researcher of the Natural Science Department at the Sakhalin Regional Museum took part in the conference. The theme of her report is «New materials on the fauna of Microlepidoptera of Sakhalin Island».
Her report was based on new data on the fauna of Microlepidoptera collected by the researcher in the southern and central parts of Sakhalin Island in 2016–2017. New insect species for Sakhalin Island have been discovered during field researches.
At the end of the conference, V.A. Dubinina, together with her scientific adviser, M.G. Ponomarenko the Lead Researcher of the Federal Scientific Center for Biodiversity of the East Asia Terrestrial Biodiversity, FEB RAS, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Entomology Laboratory, M.G. Ponomarenko, conducted scientific consultations on the definition and description of butterflies.
Prepared by: V.A. Dubinina, Chief Researcher




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