Museum Offers Assortment of Activities


A number of activities for children will be held in the Sakhalin Regional Museum from 3 to 6 April such as: «Slavic Mythology», «The Inhabitants of Protected Areas», «On the Island of Outcasts», «The First in Space». Events start at 11:00 a.m. Only if you pre-book!

Slavic Mythology: Brownie, Forest Spirit, Mermaids. Fairy Tales or Reality?

The museum staff will acquaint you with the sources of Slavic beliefs, features of folk mythology in rituals, beliefs, fairy tales, riddles and other works of folk art. At the end of the event you can enjoy creative activity class «Brownie» to make a protection home amulet of straw.

The Inhabitants of Protected Areas
Children can enjoy exciting games on the Day of Ecological Knowledge and attend an interesting lecture in the Eco-Day.

On the Island of Outcasts
Lecture on the creative path of the Russian writer, on the legendary trip of A. P. Chekhov to Sakhalin (timed to the 128th anniversary of A. Chekhov’s stay on Sakhalin Island).

The First in Space
The educational program, dedicated to the anniversary of the first Russian manned spaceflight and the beginning of the space age, provides for two options: first for children of junior and middle school age, second — for senior pupils and students.

Our address: 29, Kommunistichesky Avenue
For information and pre-booking, call: 72–75–55.



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