Health Marathon


April 6, the Sakhalin Regional Museum held the event «Marathon of Health» devoted to the World Health Day.
Every year, Health Day events are held since 1950 so that people can understand how much health means in their lives.
Supporting a good tradition, the staff of the museum invited guests from the Social Services Center and held a round table discussion «Health Marathon». During the meeting, there were discussed issues mostly not associated with traditional medicine, such as:
1) How much are we responsible for our health?
2) Are environmental factors and food be blamed for anything that goes wrong with human health?
3) How does our way of thinking influence our body?
4) How do habits make our lives?
The works of famous Western people: Charles Duhigg (research on the power of habits), Louise Hay and Liz Burbo (studies about the connection between our thoughts and diseases), Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy (motivational and inspirational advices) helped to answer these questions.
Within the framework of the round table, the visitors discussed what diseases modern humans mostly suffer from, in particular, the Sakhalin people, and also speculated on the causes of the diseases, shared their experience in preserving health, proposed their plans for a transition to a healthy lifestyle and made a conclusion that a good mood and optimism — the main cure for ailments.
Prepared by: A.M. Makarova, Lead Methodologist



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