Audio CD to the «Uiltadairisu» ABC Book


We invite everyone to attend a lecture on audio ABC book in Uiltu language.
Olga Fyodorovna Solovyova, the Sakhalin Regional Museum Researcher, will acquaint attendees with the traditional economic activities and culture of the indigenous peoples of Sakhalin, issues of preservation of languages of indigenous and small ethnic groups, modern technologies and researches in the field of studying, preserving and translating the languages of indigenous peoples.
Olga Fyodorovna will report about her numerous business trips, about her communication and work with Elena Alekseevna Bibikova, a representative of the Uilta people. In addition, you can get acquainted with the results of a long work: attendees have a unique opportunity to see the presentation illustrating the collection of about 1,000 words in the Uilta language. Кроме того, можно познакомиться с результатами продолжительной работы: у слушателей есть уникальная возможность увидеть презентацию, где собрано и проиллюстрировано около 1 000 слов на уйльтийском языке.
The Uilta language is on the verge of extinction. No more than 10 native speakers live on Sakhalin. Audio ABC book is a great opportunity to preserve the original culture of the Uilta people and to share valuable ethnic information with the younger generation through modern technologies.

For information and pre-booking, call: 72–75–55.

Our address: 29, Kommunistichesky Avenue



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