All About Tea and Not Only. Russian Tea


On April 7, 2018, the second event of the cycle «Such Different Tea Traditions» was held in the Sakhalin Regional Museum.
Participants of the event «All About Tea and More. Russian Tea» learned about the «Tea Tradition and Modernity» exhibition, the city of Kyakhta and its role in the tea trade in the XVII — XIX centuries, tea way, about how tea gradually became a popular drink in Russia, and about the indispensable attribute of Russian tea table samovar.
Students from «Ethnos» Children’s Art School performed in a concert before the participants of the event and liked it very much.

Bayan Duo: Semyon Berdnikov and Egor Stihryuk, teacher — Valentina Harmatullovna Milova. «Ethnos» Children’s Art School

The people enjoyed friendly atmosphere, drank hot aromatic tea with pies and communicated with each other.
Winners of mini-competitions were awarded Pizza Gift Certificates provided by retro club «Harlequin and Contrabass», the permanent partner of the museum. The next event of the cycle «Such Different Tea Traditions» will be held on April 21, where you will be acquainted with the peculiarities of Azerbaijani tea party.

«Yagodka» Duo: Angelina Alekseeva and Arina Parshina, teacher — Tatyana Yurievna Rogova, concertmaster — Sergey Anatolyevich Lytkin. «Ethnos» Children’s Art School

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants of the event.
Until next meeting at the Museum!



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