On the Island of the Outcasts


On April 10, children from the Social and Rehabilitation Center «Mayachok» came to the Sakhalin Regional Museum to attend the lecture «On the Island of the Outcasts», dedicated to the 128th anniversary of A. P. ChekhovТs visit to Sakhalin.
The guide of the museum, Zhanna Konstantinovna Belonosova, told in simple words and using photographic material, what Anton Pavlovich Chekhov saw on Sakhalin when he visited the island at the end of the XIX century, what a tremendous preparatory work he had done and how he had planned the route. The children were particularly impressed with the list of books that A. P. Chekhov studied before the trip. He has read the books of such writers as V.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, I.F. Krusenstern, T.G. Talberg, and many others. The children watched presentation with interest. It included photographs of the shores of Sakhalin from Chekhov’s personal collection, his Permit to visit prisons, several cards containing the information on convicts, as well as pictures of Vladimirovka, posts: Due, Aleksandrovsky and Korsakovsky, depicting the inhuman conditions in which convicts lived. October 13, 1890 A.P. Chekhov left the island. Released in 1895, the book «Island of Sakhalin» caused a wide public outcry and induced the authorities to look into Sakhalin problems in order to solve them.
In conclusion, pupils heard about the monuments to Anton Chekhov built in the cities of the Sakhalin region, about cultural institutions, international scientific and literary conferences named after the great Russian writer.



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