May Day was Celebrated at the Sakhalin Regional Museum


The holiday, which is celebrated today in Russia and in 142 countries around the world, is known under several names. During the Soviet times it was often called May 1 or May Day. The special atmosphere of this day will forever remain in the heart and memory of everyone who was born and raised in the USSR.
eventful and entertainment program was offered by the Sakhalin Regional Museum to its visitors on May Day.
During the excursion «The Springtime Awakening of Nature» visitors have learned about the nature of the island region, about the animals of our region that wake up from hibernation in the spring. During the excursion «Collections of the Island Museum» visitors got acquainted with the bright exhibits that characterize the plant and animal ecosystem of the island region, especially the museum’s guests were impressed by the exhibitions dedicated to the history of discovery, research, settlement of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, and the geological past of the islands.
That day, there were merry and boisterous atmosphere at the museum. Interactive playgrounds and creative classes were popular among visitors. Adults and children gladly drew pictures with colored sand, made unusual spring flowers of different colors and sizes from corrugated paper, got acquainted with the inhabitants of the natural protected areas of the Sakhalin region, visited the exhibition with a guided tour «Tea Tradition and Modernity» from the collections of the Kyakhta Local History Museum and played a new museumТs table game «On the Great Tea Route».
The Sakhalin Regional Museum would like to thank all participants of the festive event and Saigon Restaurant for very tasty pastries for our visitors.
We would love to see you again in our museum!



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