Victory Day at the Museum


Victory Day is a special holiday for millions of Russians. On this day, solemn events are held in all cities and villages of our big country. The Sakhalin Regional Museum conducted a holiday event «Victory Day at the Museum», more than 2500 people took part in it.
The Musical and Literary Composition «Fly, Birds, to the Blue, Sing about the Heroes of May!» was presented by the pupils of the Kindergarten for comprehensive development of children No. 35 «Skazhka», Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Artistic Director: Elena Firsova).
Two concert numbers were prepared and shown to the visitors of the museum by the children of Kindergarten No. 57 «Businka» from the village of Dalnee. The poem «Memory» by Veniamin Vysotsky was read by Nastya Sergeeva, the granddaughter of the author (Artistic Director: Anna Maksachova). The song «Eternal Flame» (music — A. Filipenko, words — D. Chibisov) was enthusiastically and touchingly sang by the ensemble of the folk song «Businka» (Artistic Director: Irina Vaevskaya).
The public was deeply impressed with the concert program «We Celebrate Your Victory, Veterans!» prepared by the pupils of the 4–11th grades of the Gymnasium No. 1 named after A.S. Pushkin, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Artistic Directors — I.V. Samarina., Boku Sen Ok), noting its interesting contents and bright performances of artists.
650 children in total took part in the festive concert program. All of them are volunteers. Cooperation in the Year of Volunteers in carrying out such a memorable and significant event is especially valuable.
There were interactive playgrounds at the museum. With great pleasure young guests made drawings with colored sand on paper, crayons on the asphalt and came to apply aqua-grime on their faces.
Those who was interested joined the excursions «Sakhalin Home Front», «The Last Phase of the Second World War — the Liberation of South Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands», «Collections of the IslandТs Museum».
In the lecture room of the museum everyone can see the presentation «Heroes of the Fiery Days» throughout the day, which provided information on the final phase of the Second World War, the liberation of South Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, told about the Heroes of the Soviet Union: Anton Buyukly, Leonid Smirnykh, Petr Ilyichev, Nikolai Vilkov, Stepan Savushkin.
Participants of the event «Victory Day at the Museum» visited the exhibition «Veterans Speak», where they read invaluable war memoriesa and saw the real items of that time.

We say «thank you» to everyone,
Who will not hear us anymore.
We say «thank you» to everyone,
Who wonТt see the sky again.
We say «thank you» to everyone,
Who gave their lives for the Victory.
We say «thank you» to everyone,
Who saved life on the whole planet!

Honour the Fallen, Thank the Living!

The Sakhalin Regional Museum would like to express thanks to all of you for your active support of the «Victory Day at the Museum» event.
We thank the restaurant «Saigon» for delicious pastries made for our visitors.



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