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The book „Agnevo (1893–1945). Materials to Ponder Over“ has been finalized and prepared for publication. The compiler of this collection of documents and materials is Victor Scheglov, Deputy Director of the Sakhalin Regional Museum, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Assistant Professor. The executive editor is Vladimir Ravdugin, Director of the Historical and Literary Museum «A. P. Chekhov and Sakhalin».
The book contains materials and documents related to the development of the territories of the Agnevo River basin in the penal, post-penal and Soviet periods until the events of the last year of the Great Patriotic War. This collection of materials makes it possible to shed a new light on the history of this region of northern Sakhalin in its relationship with the all-Russian and regional socio-economic and political processes developed at the specified time.
This publication was prepared on the basis of numerous archival data, statistical information, scientific and public articles and publications of the late XIX-XXI centuries, related to the topic of the aforesaid collection of documents. The illustrative part is represented by photographs, maps and diagrams.
Structurally, the collection is divided into a preface, three parts and an afterword. The first part, which is not too long, contains four extracts from articles characterizing the archaeological past of the Agnevo River basin and the ethnographic explanation of this toponym. Materials (46 units), dating back to the period from 1892 to 1929, are included in the second part. The third contains a large array of documents from 116 units relating to the events of 1930–1945, divided into two blocks: 1930–1940. — 69 units, 1941–1945. — 47 units. The afterword briefly reveals the postwar history of the Agnevskaya valley.
The book is intended for a wide range of readers, all those who are interested in the history of the Sakhalin region. The first and only publication of the book is scheduled for mid-June.

Sakhalin Regional Museum accepts applications for the purchase of this publication.

For information, call: 72Ц87Ц99 (ext 131) Nelli Yurievna Ilyina



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