Sakhalin from a Bird’s-Eye View


May 18, 2018 at 4:00 p.m., the Sakhalin Regional Museum opens a photo exhibition «Sakhalin from a Bird’s Eye View», dedicated to the 95th anniversary of civil aviation in Sakhalin and the International Museum Day.
Photos of unique Sakhalin scenery made during flights over the island by pilot Alexander Kaspirovich will be presented at the exhibition.

Photographer profile
Alexander Petrovich Kaspirovich was born on February 25, 1954 in the village of Komsomolsk, Shirokopadsky District.
Before Alexander started school, his father had taught him the basics of photography. He was about 7 years old when his father gave him the first camera FED-2. Over the next school years, Alexander Petrovich used his camera to take a lot of s photos. His second hobby was aviation and he attended classes for school children interested in aviation which influenced his career decision. He studied at the Kremenchug Flight School of Civil Aviation (KFSCA). After graduating from the flying school, he was sent to the town of Okhu, to the 359th Flight Squad, where he served as a co-pilot on the Mi-4 helicopter. Soon he underwent the Mi-8 helicopter pilot training program. In 1983 he became the Mi-8 helicopter commander.
Over the years, Alexander Petrovich held various flying positions: he was a first-class pilot, an instructor pilot and had different PilotТs Certificates of Competency for many types of work and for flying in difficult weather conditions. He has been a recipient of many awards and citations including for saving the lives of passengers and aircraft. In 1995 he received an award — the medal «For the Salvation of the Perishing» (Neftegorsk)
In 2007, Alexander Petrovich ceased flying activities and retired. He continues to take photographs to this day.

The exhibition will run until July 15.

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