Childrens Day at the Museum Event Is Over


On the first day of summer, the Sakhalin Regional Museum made young visitors happy with educational, enjoyable, varied and popular activities.
Children took photographs with a kind museum bear Misha, drew pictures on the asphalt and on paper, they were excited to take a summer guided tour of the «Open Air Museum». Listening to the guide, they walked along the route, carefully looking at the museum building, the «coma-inu», the monument to B.O. Pilsudski, the Japanese school pavilion, the reconstructions of the summer and winter dwellings of the Nivkh, fish drying racks, a cage for keeping bear curb, buildings of the period when Sakhalin was used as a penal colony, guns, «Tojo-bati» .
When the children were passing the quest, they demonstrated their knowledge, were friendly and joyful. The quest «We Are Not Wild in the Wildlife» helped teenagers to test their knowledge of the native land, the children skillfully looked for clues in the museum exposition and wrote correct answers into the route sheet. Quest «Treasure Island» was held on the territory surrounding the building of the museum. Boys and girls, performing tasks, received parts of the map of the island of treasures. When they put them together they discovered that the treasure island is Sakhalin, and the treasures are indicated by the symbols on the map.
Interactive playground "Mini Book Made With Your Own Hands " was opened for children aged three and over. The most persisting and patient kids with parents have made an entertaining and educational book that can be an excellent gift to people they love or take an honorable place in the home library.
Every year on June 1, the Sakhalin Regional Museum meets children to give them a holiday and to teach them to see something new and unusual in their everyday life.
Happy Children’s Day!



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