Regional Workshop On Development of Tourism and Local Lore Activities in Educational Organizations of the Sakhalin Region


On June 7, the Regional Workshop «Development of the Tourism and Local Lore Activities in Educational Organizations of the Sakhalin Region» was held in the Sakhalin Regional Museum in preparation for the regional local history forum for participants of the schoolchildren’s movement «Motherland».
The Workshop was organized by the State Budgetary Educational Institution «Regional Center for Extracurricular Activities» in cooperation with the Sakhalin Regional Museum and the Sakhalin Regional Universal Scientific Library to address the issues regarding the development of tourism and local lore activities with schoolchildren of the Sakhalin Region.
The Workshop participants represent all general education schools of the Sakhalin region. In total more than 20 people took part in the work of the workshop.
The Director of the Sakhalin Regional Museum, Yuri Yurievich Alin, delivered a welcome speech. Deputy Director for Research and Development of the Sakhalin Regional Museum, V. V. Shcheglov, presented seven local history publications of the museum for 2017. In addition, Viktor Vladislavovich reported about the scientific and virtual projects of the museum, about problems in work, including research projects and shared the information about directions and organization of work of the departments. Answering the question «Is there a place for science at school?», the participants shared their thoughts. As a result of the discussion, the audience came to a common opinion that there is a place for science in school local history clubs, and the advantage is that children learn and discover new knowledge. Viktor Vladislavovich expressed the hope that activities related to the museum projects will develop, and small projects can grow into large-scale scientific and research work.
The next important topic for the workshop participants discussion was «Russian Legislation Requirements for Museums Activities». Viktor Vladislavovich drew attention to mistakes made by school museums: improper storage and exposure of objects; lack of an inventory book; exhibiting weapons, archaeological items, state awards, which contain precious metals. It was noted that according to Russian legislation, if an item related to archeology or an object containing precious metals was brought to the school museum, it should be sent to a municipal or regional museum where a corresponding registration number would be assigned to the item and proper storage would be ensured. Also, attention was paid to the «incorruptible» document of 1985 — «Instruction for the Registration and Storage of Museum Values Located in the State Museums of the USSR» — which clearly specifies the basic requirements for the storage and registration of museum items.
Sharing her many years of experience with school specialists, the Head of the Scientific and Educational Department of the Sakhalin Regional Museum, Tatyana Pavlenko Chaichenko, covered the main topics on the nature and history of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands in her lecture «On the Issue of the Regional Component and Local History Activities at the School». She highlighted strengths and weaknesses in the work with schoolchildren with regard to local history. During the lecture, special attention was drawn to the correct use of the names of the Kuril Islands (for example, the Lesser Kurile Chain, not the Habomai archipelago), mistakes (for example, including the Ainu in the category of the indigenous peoples of Sakhalin, in fact, the Ainu are the native people of Japan). Tatyana Pavlovna encouraged listeners to use the academic hours rationally, pay attention to the most important aspects and topics that carry emotional stress, place the emphasis on the big moments that affect the heart of the schoolboy or schoolgirl and encourage «digging» in the literature and find additional information. As an example, she told about Petr Ivanovich Shutov and Agas Arzumanyan, about the tragic fates and feats of these people who participated in the military activities of the final stage of the World War II in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.
The first day of the Workshop ended with a sightseeing tour «What will the tour of the Museum tell about?».




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