«To the South — to Novikovo!» : First Tourists


On July 14, 2018 the tourists took the first trip on the route «To the South — to Novikovo!»
The nature and history of our island region are unique and multifaceted, but not everyone has the opportunity to travel to places where regular buses do not run, or independently learn something special about historic sites. For example, not everyone knows how unusual beautiful lakes appeared near the village of Novikovo and why some of them have a rich turquoise color. What secret do they keep?
The first tourists of the new museum project «To the South — to Novikovo!» were 18 persons, among them residents of the regional center, Makarov and Korsakov area. They booked a trip in the first two days once a new tourist route had been announced by the Sakhalin Regional Museum.
During the trip, excursionists visited the first Muravyov post, got acquainted with the primitive culture of Sakhalin people, with the history of Karafuto monuments and structures, the natural features of Aniva Bay, saw the Sakhalin tall grass and the famous Kuril bamboo. Walk around the maral farm did not leave anyone indifferent. Everybody liked the proud, noble and unusually beautiful deer. The guides together with the employee of the maral farm told about animalsТ environmental conditions and deer antlers which is a unique remedy. It was not boring on the way back. All comers took part in the museum quiz, and the most active ones received memorable gifts.
Sakhalin Regional Museum expresses thanks to Vasily Shadrin, general director of Svarog Company, the administration and bakery of Novikovo village for the help in organization of the above route.

The Sakhalin Regional Museum provides a unique opportunity and invites everyone who has thirst for adventure and knowledge, to travel together and make discoveries!
We offer excursions on the museum tourist route «To the South — to Novikovo!» on the following dates:
July 28,
August 11,
August 25,
September 15.

We recommend that you take the following:
- medications for motion sickness (you can not only delight the road from Novikovo to lakes but may get motion sickness);
- drinking water (a 0.5-liter water bottle will be provided by the museum, if you need more, you can take it with you or buy in Novikovo);
- some food (in the village of Novikovo you can buy pastries, pizza, baked chicken — everything will be cooked specially for you);
- warm clothes (better to have it);
- a camera (to remember this beauty);
- a large bag (to purchase a delicious and eco-friendly Novikovo bread).

Prices per ticket- 2 000 roubles
For information and pre-booking, call: 72–75–55.



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