Presentation of a New Book at the Sakhalin Regional Museum


On July 12, 2018, the presentation of the book «Waterfalls: Force of Nature and Poetry» was held at the Sakhalin Regional Museum. The author of the book is Doctor of Geographical Sciences Piotr Fedorovich Brovko, Professor in the Department of Geography and Sustainable Development of Geosystems of the School of Natural Sciences at the Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok.
The book is filled with interesting facts and events and describes the natural conditions of the distribution of waterfalls, as well as states their importance for the development of specially protected natural areas. The reader will learn what types of waterfalls occur, where the best national parks in the world with waterfalls are located, the creation of what masterpieces of poetry, prose and painting the «force of nature of flying water» has inspired.
The monograph is dedicated to the friend and colleague, Andrei Konstantinovich Klitin, local historian, scientist, traveler who died tragically on June 6, 2014, climbing Mont Blanc in French Alps. Andrei Konstantinovich was fond of waterfalls of Sakhalin and the Kurils, established a database, which is available on the website. Today it continues to grow as the amount of data received from the followers of AK Klitin increase. Over the past few years, more than a hundred new waterfalls have appeared on the map of Sakhalin, and even one special has been discovered, not everyone can see it, as it appears or disappears for many years.
Pyotr Fedorovich, introducing his new edition, noted that the Sakhalin Region is rich in picturesque and beautiful waterfalls that attract the attention of the general public and expressed the hope that waterfalls would become an object for the active development of domestic tourism in Pacific Russia and in other regions of our country.
The publication is addressed to tourists and local historians, students and high school students and to all nature lovers.



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