The First Day of Museum Makes the Kindergartens Children Happy! Project


The first lesson of the Sakhalin Regional Museums project Museum Makes the Kindergartens Children Happy! was held on August 7 in Iskorka Kindergarten No. 34 in the village of Bereznyaki within the framework of the Energy Social Initiatives Fund of Sakhalin Energy.
Museum specialists will spend three months with children of the senior and pre-school groups of five kindergartens, helping children step by step build a foundation for understanding serious expositions installed in the Exhibition Halls. A unique chest resembling a small copy of the museum has been specifically made by Elena Kozina. Real exhibits are the main actors in the class. It is through them that kids learn to understand the importance of the historical heritage and the importance of the knowledge that they preserve.
In first lesson the children were immersed in the world, carefully preserved by the Museum. Kids saw the ancient ammonites, the surviving fragments of ceramic vessels, in which our predecessors prepared food, as well as stuffed birds, representing the natural scientific part of the exposition.
The children were asked to find their land on a globe and map and see how the island differs from large land areas — continents. The outlines of Sakhalin will remain in the memory of the kids, because not only did they see it on the map, but they also cut out the picture of the island for memory.
In the following August classes kindergarten children will get acquainted with the plant and animal life of the Sakhalin region.
For additional information on the project implementation, contact Project Coordinator Anna Makarova: 72–75–55 (Office), e-mail:



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