Business Trip to Nogliki District


From October 3 to October 12, 2018, Olga Fyodorovna Solovyova, Researcher of the History Department, was on a business trip with scientific purposes in a village Val, Nogliksky City District Municipality and in the small settlement called Nogliki.
The village of Val is the traditional home of Uilta indigenous people of Sakhalin. One of the oldest carriers of the Uilta culture and language, Elena Alekseevna Bibikova, lives in this village. She made a great contribution to the development of traditional culture. She was a co-author of the ABC Book in Uiltu language, namely «Uiltadairisu» ABC Book and the teachers guide «Teaching of Uilta language». Today, students of the Municipal Budgetary General Educational Institution «Boarding School No 3» entitled as «Technologies of Traditional Crafts of the Indigenous Peoples of the North» situated in the city of Poronaisk, study the Uilta language using the aforesaid ABC Book.
A lot of effort was spent on the revival and preservation of the native language. Elena Alekseevna translated many works of fiction, fairy tales, local stories, legends, and also wrote poems in her native language for children. Since 1990, she has been working with Russian and foreign ethnographers and linguists.

It just so happens that Elena Alekseevna is going to move the Novosibirsk region. E. Bibikova is willing to donate her personal objects and documents to the Sakhalin Regional Museum. These are manuscripts with records in Uilta language, souvenir items, and ornaments carved by Elena Alekseevna, included in the brochure «Flight of an Inspirational Soul: Uilta Ornaments», and a tool for making fish skin, presented by a Japanese master Mr. Myamoto to E. Bibikova in 2013.

As part of a field trip to the village of Val and to Nogliki settlement, presentations of the Audio ABC Book «Uiltadairisu» were conducted (project initiator was O. F. Solovyova, the author and consultant was E. A. Bibikova). Young and older generation of Uilta people came to the presentation which was in the library of the village of Val. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, over a cup of tea, a group of elderly native Uilta spoke their native language.

In Nogliki, the presentation of the Audio ABC Book «Uiltadairisu» was held in the local history museum for children from the Children’s Creativity Center and Art School, as well as for the museum staff. It should be mentioned that the children listened with interest to the Uilta speech and quickly learned certain words in the Uilta language.
The Sakhalin Regional Museum is very grateful to Elena Alekseevna Bibikova for her long-term cooperation and collection donated to the museum.

Prepared by: O.F. Solovyova, Researcher, History Department



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