Results of the Reserved Territories of the Island Region Contest


On November 2, 2018, the winners of the regional photo contest «Reserved Territories of the Island Region» received awards at the opening of the «Night of the Arts — 2018» event.
The contest was held by the Sakhalin Regional Museum as part of events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Poronaysky Nature Reserve (1988), the 40th anniversary of the Severny Nature Sanctuary (1978), and the 35th anniversary of the Yuzhno-Sakhalin Mud Volcano natural monument (1983), as well as jubilees and anniversaries of the formation of other environmental protected sites of the Sakhalin Region.
The winners were determined by a competent jury. The results are as follows:

Category: Nature and Man
3 place: Valentin Sokolov, «Dead sturgeon. The Effect of the Nets» photo
2 place: Dmitry Ko, «A man was here» photo
1 place: Tatyana Karagayeva, «The beauty of nature in the hands of man» photo

Category: Rare Meeting
3 place: Pavel Sinitsyn, «Fox on the gas pipeline route» photo
2 place: Galina Mikhailovna Gruzdeva, «Steller’s sea eagle» photo
1 place: Elena Vladimirovna Savenko, «Siberian rubythroat» photo

Category: On the Reserved Territory
3 place: Elena Gennadievna Akshentseva, «Autumn on the Schmidt Peninsula» photo
2 place: Alexander Moiseev, «Caldera of Golovnin Volcano» photo
1 place: Anna Kobzeva, «Father-mountain» photo as well as the main prize of the Contest sponsored by «Aina-tour» company.
All participants of the regional photo contest «Reserved Territories of the Island Region» received letters of appreciation.
The Sakhalin Regional Museum warmly thanks the winners and participants of the contest, wishes them inspiration in creating unique photographs!

P.S. We invite all participants and winners of the regional photo contest «Reserved Territories of the Island Region», who were not present at the awarding ceremony, to receive their award at the Museum.

For information, call: 50–50–51.



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