The Night of the Arts United All Guests of the Sakhalin Regional Museum


On November 2, the 6th all-Russian annual cultural and educational event «Night of the Arts» devoted to the theme «The Fascination of Science» was held at the Sakhalin Regional Museum.
The Event Program was made in such a way that the guests could themselves plan what entertainment they would like to choose. Of several activities that were conducted at the same time, visitors could select an activity they enjoyed and were really interested in: guided tours or lectures, meetings or master classes.

Participants could learn how stuffed fish are made, why minerals have different colors, what insects can be found in the Far East, what secrets Sakhalin animals hide, how to read the «skaska» of 18th century researchers.

The master classes were conducted on different themes addressed in the Halls of the Sakhalin Regional Museum — nature, geology, archeology, ethnography and history. Traditionally, museum researches tried on uncharacteristic roles and together with children and grown-ups drew, pasted, cut, embroidered, made crafts from beads, folded origami, and even made a necklace of «fangs».

There were various meetings with interesting people such as Yulia Grosheva, Sports Biomechanics Specialist, Alexei Tkachenko, Dog Team Driver. Sergey Udovenko, a member of the Volya Ensemble — Cossack songs, sang the favourite songs of 1930–1970s with accordion accompaniment which were highly appreciated by visitors.

A master class on technique of painting on water — ebru conducted by the Artistic Crafts Workshop and classes held by Kvantorium Technology Park for Children were well received by attendees.
More than two thousand and three hundred people participated in the «Night of the Arts» event.
The Sakhalin Regional Museum sincerely thanks ChildrenТs Techno Park «Kvantorium», Panda Workshop — the shop of original gifts made to order, Aina-Tour Dog Sledding Company, and the Ezhevichka group of the Yagodka Kindergarten for their cooperation and support.



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