New Grant Project of the Museum — «Interactive Game: The Path of the Primitive Man»


The Sakhalin Regional Museum is launching a new project — Interactive Game: The Path of the Primitive Man, with the support of Sakhalin Energy as part of the Energy Social Initiatives Fund.
This project will help schoolchildren of regional secondary general schools to generate interest in exploring the ancient history of the island region and to learn the life of primitive man through play.
Schoolchildren will attend classes with elements of theatre performance and demonstration of the replicas of ancient man’s labor tools, created using 3D technologies. Every child will be able to feel himself or herself as a member of the «ancient tribe», travelling from south to north. A stylized map carpet shows the route. The thematic images on the map carpet can both speed up and slow down the teamТs progress on the playing field. At the same time, thematic images will contribute to the formation of a clear idea about the life of a primitive person and the difficulties that he / she had to overcome every day.

Each participant of the interactive game «The Path of the Primitive Man» will receive a unique present to remember the game, and the most active teams will be given special prizes.
Applications for participation in the project will be accepted beginning December 1, 2018. The duration of the game is no more than 45 minutes. The team consists of 10–15 people (the class is divided into two subgroups).

For information, call: 72–75–55 (contact Irina Konstantinovna Orlova)

Send applications to:



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