25th Anniversary of the Bulletin of the Sakhalin Museum


In 2018, the Sakhalin Regional Museum produced a special anniversary edition, No 25 of the Bulletin of the Sakhalin Museum.
The idea to issue an annual collection of articles on local history came from the Sakhalin Regional Museum specialists in far 1994 on the initiative of Vladislav Mikhailovich Latyshev, the then director of the museum. Already in 1995, the first issue of the «Bulletin …» with a volume of 280 pages and a circulation of 1,000 copies was published. Despite the scarce funding of the 1990s, it was a breakthrough in the museums editorial and publishing activities. « Bulletin …» was the first museum popular science publication in the Russian Far Eastern region. The first editorial board included V. M. Latyshev (editor-in-chief), M. S. Vysokov, M. I. Ischenko, A. I. Kostanov, O. P. Kuznetsov, A. F. Maevich (Poland), G. V. Matyushkov, M. M. Prokofiev, K. Ya. Cherpakova, V. O. Shubin.
The creation of the Sakhalin Museum Bulletin contributed to the dissemination of information and the popularization of scientific knowledge about the history, archeology, and cultures of the peoples of Sakhalin and the Russian Far East among the population of the Sakhalin region; promoting knowledge of museum work, museum collections among schoolchildren and students; popularization of museum activities. The publication was an accumulating link in which the latest achievements of Sakhalin science were concentrated.
For 25 years, the annual Bulletin of the Sakhalin Museum has published more than 1,000 research papers in all areas of local history of the Sakhalin Region, the Russian Far East. Every year the sections changed and expanded, the number of authors increased, among which were teachers, local historians, specialists of research institutions, Russian and museum staff, foreign scientists. Only one thing has always remained constant- the high quality of research papers of 440 authors. Due to this, « Bulletin …» received the status of a high-profile scientific journal, which became popular not only among Sakhalin people. Every year printed volumes of the Bulletin were distributed annually to museums and libraries of the Sakhalin Region, museums of the Russian Far East, central libraries and archives of the Russian Federation. They can also be found in the libraries of Columbia and Harvard Universities, the US Congress, England, Japan, Poland, Germany and other countries.

More than once the Bulletin of the Sakhalin Museum participated in the book award contests. In 2001, it was awarded the Diploma of the Sakhalin Oblast Governor according to the 2001 competition results in the area of culture and arts. In 2003 was awarded a third degree diploma of the winner of the contest «The Best Local History Publication» in the nomination «Publication on a Patriotic Education» as a universal edition for a wide circle of readers at the 7th Far Eastern exhibition-fair «Printing House — 2003» (Vladivostok).
In the near future, our « Bulletin …» is now entering a new stage of development. I am glad that the flow of authors who want to see their scientific works on its pages continues. We wish this museum publication long life, interesting articles and new achievements for the benefit of Sakhalin science and culture.
December 6, 2018 a creative evening will be held at the Sakhalin Regional Museum, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the yearbook and the anniversary of the foundation of the museum business on Sakhalin.

Prepared by Nelli Yurievna Ilyina, Museums Academic Secretary



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