Presentation of the New Book in the Sakhalin Regional Museum


December 21 at 4:00 p.m. the presentation of the book by V.M. Latysheva and G.I. Dudarets «The Steam Corvette „America“ and its Captain A. A. Boltin» was held in the Sakhalin Regional Museum.

The book is devoted to the history of the steam corvette «America» and its commander A. A. Boltin, who left a noticeable mark in the history of the Siberian Flotilla. Its name is associated with many geographical discoveries made in the waters of the Russian Far East region; it was used to transport diplomatic missions headed by Vice-Admiral E.V. Putyatin and Governor General of Eastern Siberia N.N. Muravyev-Amur. The military governor of the Primorsk region, the commander of the Siberian flotilla and the ports of the Eastern Ocean, Rear Admiral P.V. Kazakevich sailed on this ship to survey sea coasts of Primorye and found Russian posts there.

The meeting was held in a cozy atmosphere among the friends of the authors — representatives of the scientific community of the Sakhalin region. Unfortunately, Vladislav Mikhailovich and Galina Ivanovna could not attend the presentation, but they conveyed warm words of gratitude to people who took part in their serious scientific work, provided their support and gave valuable advice.

Presentation of the book «The Steam Corvette „America“ and its Captain A. A. Boltin» is the last event of this kind which has been held at the Sakhalin Regional Museum this year. The publication of seven significant works is scheduled for next year.
At the beginning of next year, visitors will be able to attend the presentation of several catalogs.



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