Review of 2018 Publications of the Sakhalin Regional Museum


The Sakhalin Regional Museum has been active in publishing for many years. In 2018, eight (8) publications were released.

First of all, pay particular attention to three museum catalogs: «Sakhalin Koreans. Catalog of Materials from the Collections of the Sakhalin Regional Museum (1945–2018)», «Catalog of Angiosperms from the Collections of the Sakhalin Regional Museum» and «Sakhalin Brick (mid-XIX — first half of the XX centuries). Catalog of Bricks Stored in the Museums of the Sakhalin Region and Private Collections». All three publications provide readers with the information on collections of objects kept in the stores of the Sakhalin Regional Museum, other museums of the Sakhalin Region and private collections.

The authors of the catalog «Sakhalin Koreans. Catalog of Materials from the Collections of the Sakhalin Regional Museum (1945–2018)» are Kim Yong Hee and Kira Yakovlevna Cherpakova. The catalog includes items that were collected by employees of the Sakhalin Regional Museum during scientific expeditions or donated to the museum by the Korean population of the Sakhalin Region. 616 photographs of objects and photographs — documents and photographs, including from the personal archives of the Korean families namely: Kim Chun Gen (Tamara Vasilievna), Kim Chun Soo and Khan Alexandra Stepanovna, photographs of historical monuments, household items and items of economic activities, clothes and shoes from 1945 to 2018 reflect the rich and eventful history of the material culture of the Sakhalin Koreans.
Sakhalin Koreans are an ethnic group of the Sakhalin region, which has a unique history and culture. The study of this group is extremely important to the Sakhalin historical science. Up to now, there have been published mainly the works of historians studying certain problems of the history of the Sakhalin Koreans, but only very few of them devoted to the material culture of the Sakhalin Koreans. The catalog on Sakhalin Koreans … is intended to fill this gap.
The catalog contains a detailed reference device — in addition to the glossary, which includes translations of Japanese and Korean names of objects, the authors have compiled detailed geographical and name indexes. The latter presented not only names found in the publication, but also important historical and ethnographic information — biographies of people who donated objects to the museum and told their family history.
The presentation of the catalog «Sakhalin Koreans …» took place on January 24, 2019 and generated much interest. As has been noted during that event, the catalog is the first step for further study of the material culture of Koreans of the Sakhalin region and will become the fundamental basis for its ethnographic and historical study.

The authors of the next publication «Catalog of Angiosperms from the Collections of the Sakhalin Regional Museum» are Margarita Vitalievna Ivanova and Daria Andreyevna Oleinik. The catalog contains a collection of herbarium specimens of angiosperms — a total of 1,201 different groups of herbarium sheets, including 1,460 specimens gathered on Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. The first samples were collected at the beginning of the 20th century and continued to be collected for more than 100 years. The publication also includes selected herbarium specimens from the collections of Japanese researchers during the period of existence of the Japanese Governorate of Karafuto on southern Sakhalin (19051945).

The well-known Sakhalin research scientist Igor Anatolyevich Samarin prepared the publication «Sakhalin Brick (mid-XIX — first half of the XX centuries). Catalog of Bricks Stored in the Museums of the Sakhalin Region and Private Collections». Brick production is one of the oldest and most common industries in the world. It is of particular importance for Sakhalin, due to the specifics of the manufacturing and use of brick products. In addition to the Catalog of bricks which includes 225 items, the author provided detailed history of Russian and Japanese bricks production on Sakhalin at different historical stages, as well as the description of the use of bricks by indigenous peoples of Sakhalin as an acquired element of material culture. Information articles of the author of the catalog are based on extensive historical literature, archival sources and contain rich illustrative material. The publication is considered to be a completed study.

In 2018, a Collection of reports delivered at the scientific conference «The First Local History Readings» was published, dedicated to the memory of Alexander Ivanovich Kostanov, a famous historian, archivist, doctor of historical sciences. The conference was held December 7–8, 2017 in the Sakhalin Regional Museum. The Collection contains 30 reports by Russian and foreign researchers, both honored and beginners, in five sections: «Archaeological Monuments: New Studies and Discoveries», «Peoples of Sakhalin and Primorye: History and Culture», «Issues of Regional and Local History», «Museum Activities: New Projects and Active Museum Environment», «Natural Science Research in the Sakhalin Region». Thus, the articles of the Collection reflect the current state of the latest scientific research.

Vladislav Mikhailovich Latyshev and Galina Ivanovna Dudarets are authors of the scientific research «The Steam Corvette „America“ and its Captain A. A. Boltin», which is devoted to the activities of the sea captain, who has left a noticeable mark in the history of the Siberian flotilla. His name is associated with many geographical discoveries made in the waters of the Russian Far East region, diplomatic missions of Vice-Admiral E. V. Putyatin and Governor-General of Eastern Siberia N. N. Muravyov-Amursky. The military governor of the Primorsk region, the commander of the Siberian flotilla and the ports of the Eastern Ocean, Rear Admiral P.V. Kazakevich made several expeditions onboard the steam corvette «America» to survey sea coasts of Primorye and found Russian posts there.
This scientific monograph is based on a significant array of archival documents from the collections of the Russian State Navy Archives (St. Petersburg), Russian State Historical Archive (St. Petersburg), State Archive of Pskov Oblast, State Archive of Odessa Oblast (Odessa, Ukraine) and is a unique publication covering an important stage in the history of the Sakhalin region — the period of the development of the islands by Russian travelers and researchers. The publication contains illustrations, excerpts from archival documents and detailed explanatory notes. It will certainly attract the attention of not only Sakhalin historians and local historians, but also all those who are interested in the history of the Russian Far East.

Employees of the Sakhalin Regional Museum also prepared other works published in collaboration with cultural institutions of the Sakhalin Region.
The publication «The Chronicle of the Village Kirovskoye» is an outcome of joint work of Evgenia Alexandrovna Pashentseva, Alyona Igorevna Poznyova and Viktor Vladislavovich Shcheglov. The book gives readers a chronology of the events of the 140-year history of this oldest settlement of Sakhalin. Until 1937, the village of Kirovskoye, Tymovsky urban district, was called Rykovskoe. Meticulous work of the compilers of «The Chronicle …» was carried out to systematize a significant array of documents from the collections of the Russian State Historical Archive (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), the archives of the Kirovskoye Rural District Administration, the Literary and Art Museum in honour of A.P. Chekhovs book «The Island of Sakhalin», Kirovskoye School Museum, as well as scientific literature and articles from the newspapers «Soviet Sakhalin» and «Tymovsky Bulletin».

«Agnevo (1893–1945). Materials to Think About». The book of Victor Vladislavovich Scheglov contains materials and documents related to the development of the territories of the Agnevo River basin in the penal, post-penal and Soviet periods until the events of the last year of the Great Patriotic War. This collection of materials makes it possible to shed a new light on the history of this region of northern Sakhalin in its relationship with the all-Russian and regional socio-economic and political processes developed at the specified time.
This publication has been prepared on the basis of numerous archival data, statistical information, scientific and public articles and publications of the late XIX-XXI centuries, related to the topic of the aforesaid collection of documents. The illustrative part is represented by photographs, maps and diagrams. The book is intended for a wide range of readers, all those who are interested in the history of the Sakhalin region and was published by the History and Literature Museum «A. P. Chekhov and Sakhalin» (Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky) in cooperation with the Sakhalin Regional Museum.

Also in 2018, the twenty-fifth issue of the yearbook «Bulletin of the Sakhalin Museum» was published. The journal contains relevant articles of Sakhalin historians, archeologists, ethnographers and explorers of nature of Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands, as well as reports from Sakhalin local historians and reviews of published scientific publications. 2019 is going to see positive changes in the «Bulletin of the Sakhalin Museum»: it will be a peer-reviewed journal and will be published four (4) times a year.

Undoubtedly, the scientific staff of the Sakhalin Regional Museum will continue their research and the findings of the results will be reported in new publications on geology and nature, history and archeology, ethnography and cultural features of our region.

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Prepared by: Julia Ivanovna Dean



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