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On May 14, the British writer and traveler William Atkins visited the Sakhalin Regional Museum. His interest in the heritage of ethnographer Lev Sternberg and writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov led him to Sakhalin.

In the period from May 16 to May 25, Mr. Atkins is going to visit the village of Tymovskoye, town of Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky, villages of Viahtu and Nogliki, town of Okha, view exhibitions in municipal museums and meet with representatives of indigenous peoples of Sakhalin.
William is sure that the lands that everyone considers to be the edge of the world are very amazing, in fact they are the center where the most interesting things happen.

«The Moor» — the first book of William Atkins tells the story of the wild lands of Great Britain. It was described as a «classic» by the London Observer and shortlisted for the Thwaites Wainwright Prize. In 2016, he won the Eccles British Library Award.
In another book, «A Desert Journey: The Immeasurable World», the writer tells about traveling to the eight driest and hottest places in the world: the OmanТs Empty Quarter, the Gobi and Takla Makan deserts in northwestern China, the Great Victoria Desert in Australia, the human made desert that has appeared on the seabed once occupied by the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan, Black Rock and Sonoran deserts in southwest America and the Eastern Desert of Egypt.

William hopes that the journey through Sakhalin will give him new impressions and will inspire him to write a new book.

Prepared by O.F. Solovyova, Researcher
Photo courtesy of Alexander Ponomarev



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