Mangazeya. 400 Years of Legend Exhibition Opened


On May 24, Mangazeya. 400 Years of Legend Exhibition from the collection of the State Budgetary Institution of Culture of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Museum and Exhibition Complex named after I.S. Shemanovskye opened at the Sakhalin Regional Museum.
The foundation of cooperation between museums was laid in 2014, when residents on the islands of the Russian Far East first saw a baby mammoth with a pretty name Lyuba, brought from the city of Salekhard. A new exhibition project tells about the ghost town of Mangazeya, founded in the polar region in the 17th century and existed for 71 years.
Visitors to the museum saw items of clothing, furs, wooden kitchen utensils, ceramic wine vessels, chain mail, made 400 years ago, buried in the cultural layer until the middle of the last century. Historical artifacts look great and came to Sakhalin to tell their extraordinary stories.
The first tour to museum guests was given by N.V. Pertsev, Exhibition Curator, Researcher of Archeology and Ethnography Sector of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Museum and Exhibition Complex named after I. Shemanovsky. Nikita Viktorovich explained how the polar city of the «rebellious» century lived, what role it played in the development of the Russian North and why it became a «ghost».
The exhibition «Mangazeya: 400 Years of Legend» will run until July 14, 2019.

For information and pre-booking, call: 72–75–55.



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