The Organizing Committee of the All-Russian Festival of the author’s song «Grinlandiya-2019» has started accepting applications from participants and guests of the festival.
Grinlandiya Festival, the permanent organizer and ideological inspirer of which is the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Oleg Valenchuk, will be held for the 27th time this year. The festivals slogan «I Love You, Life!» was not chosen by chance. Last year, Grinlandiya Festival was named in honour of the legendary singer Joseph Kobzon. For several years he was the chairman of the Jury of the All-Russian Festival of the authors song «Grinlandiya» and gave a start in life to a whole generation of young performers.
The other day, the results of the correspondence competition, which is a traditional part of a large festival movement, were summed up. It helps discover new talented people and give them a chance to build a career. Not only the number of participants is increasing every year, but their geography is expanding. This time, 2542 works from 74 regions and 21 countries have been submitted to the jury of the competition «I Love You, Life» (he line of the famous song of Joseph Kobzon became the theme of the correspondence competition). More than 23 thousand people voted for winners of the month and laureates of the competition.
According to the jury, many deep, sincere, heart wrenching songs were received.
The Sakhalin Oblast was represented by Alexander Dmitrievich Bezhkov who was awarded with Winners Diploma and by festival participants namely Elena Alekseevna Zaitseva, Irina Aleksandrovna Ikonnikova and Ivan Mikhailovich Ilyin.

The best songwriters and singers will have the opportunity to address the general public directly at the Grinlandiya Festival.
By the way, the program of the festival is planned to be rich and varied, including the creative part of the festival. Four platforms will work simultaneously: the main, small, military-patriotic and youth. Festival meadow will traditionally be divided into several camps: Russian regions, family and corporate camps. The Organizing Committee is now accepting requests for camps. Guests can participate in sports events: play football and volleyball, compete in weight lifting, tug of war, arm wrestling and chess. The «Fairy Tale Academy» will open in the Children City, where kids will be able to do needlework, participate in contests and play outdoor games.
All social network users traditionally have the opportunity to compete for valuable prizes of the photo contest. Participants can upload their photos taken at the festival in the «My Grinlandiya» photo album in Grinlandiya Music Festival group on VKontakte. Then a professional jury will choose the best of those works that have been highly appreciated by users of social networks.
«The secret of the popular success of Grinlandiya Festival is that here you can open your heart and be sincere,» — Oleg Valenchuk says. «And this year, everyone will find moments of joy and happiness on the festival meadow».
The XXVII All-Russian Festival of the authors song «Grinlandiya» will be held July 19–21, 2019 on the banks of the Bystritsa River near the village of Basharovo, Kirov Region. Further details can be found on the website




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