First Book of Sakhalin Museum Library


On September 19, a presentation of a new book by Viktor Scheglov «Experience of Sakhalin Resettlements» (1853–2002), was held at the Sakhalin Regional Museum.

A small exhibition hall of the museum in which the presentation took place was barely able to accommodate all those who wished to attend. There were not only museum employees, but also colleagues from other museum institutions, representatives of the cultural and scientific community, and regular visitors.

The book examines the history of Russian (Soviet) migration of people to the territory of the Sakhalin Region in the second half of the XIX — early XXI centuries: the author considers the evolution of the strategy and tactics of the resettlement policy of the government, depending on which the conditions and nature of the resettlement, as well as socio-demographic characteristics of the population region changed.

At the beginning of the presentation, Temur Georgievich Miromanov, Director of the History and Literature Museum «A.P. Chekhov and Sakhalin» gave a speech. He congratulated the author of the book and the staff of the Sakhalin Regional Museum with the publication of another scientific work, emphasizing the particular importance of the material of the work for museum staff — material that will help get answers to the most important and frequently asked questions of museum guests such as: «And what is the composition of the population lived on Sakhalin at that time?», «And how many convicts lived on Sakhalin?»

Anatoly Timofeevich Kuzin, D. Sc. in Historical Sciences and the book reviewer, emphasized the structure, time-bound material and the special scientific value of the work, highlighting the importance of the fact that the book contains a large amount of valuable and necessary information. Anatoly Timofeevich recommended the book for students.

Yuri Yuryevich Alin. the Director of the Sakhalin Regional Museum, thanked the audience for their interest in the next edition of the museum and its «permanent» author Viktor Vladislavovich Scheglov, noting that the work presented was the result of research to which the author had devoted himself for more than two decades, also stating the importance of this work for island historical science.

The presentation itself was held in a question-and-answer format. Victor Vladislavovich Shcheglov, when responding to questions from the event host, revealed the most important and problematic aspects of his book.
At the end of the presentation, the author thanked the audience, giving everyone a signed presentation copy of his book.

The publication of «Experience of Sakhalin Resettlements» (1853–2002) by Viktor Vladislavovich Scheglov has opened a new «Sakhalin Museum Library» project of the Sakhalin Regional Museum. Starting this year, all published works of the museum are produced in a new corporate identity style.




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